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Company Incorporation

Responsible Government authority

Incorporation qualification

Tax rate

Legal liability


Legal status

Maintenance cost

Sole-proprietorship /
General partnership

Inland Revenue Department

Hong Kong Resident or Hong Kong Permanent Resident

7.5% for the first $2,000,000, then 15%

Unlimited, the proprietor or all partners are fully liable to the debts

As long as the proprietor or partner goes bankrupt or passes away, the company must be wound up or dissolved

The proprietor cannot enter into a contract with the company

Lower, only need to do the accounting and tax declaration every year

Limited company 


Companies Registry

Hong Kong or non-Hong Kong resident
If the applicant is not a Hong Kong resident, the company secretary needs to be a Hong Kong resident or a limited company registered in Hong Kong

8.25% for the first $2,000,000, then 16.5%

Limited to shareholders' capital contribution, do not need to repay debts with personal assets

Perpetual unless wound up

Shareholders can enter into contracts with the company and file lawsuits

Higher, accounting and auditing are required every year


Sole-proprietorship /
General partnership

Limited company 

Company name search

Preparation and submission of company incorporation documents

Business Registration application


Company Secretary service for the 1st year


Full green box set

Signature chop, Company chop & Common Seal

Digital directory 

Company kit storage for the 1st year

Service fee (HK$)






Acting as Company Secretary for the 1st year

Preparation and submission of Annual Return

Business Registration renewal


Preparation and updates of Statutory Records
- Register of Directors
- Register of Members
- Register of Secretaries
- Significant Controllers Register

Service fee (HK$)



*Exclusive of government fee and levy (if applicable)

company formation plan
Copany Secretary Plan
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